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-   North Country Cheviot  -


The North Country Cheviot is a breed that has been widely used for centuries in the North of England and Scotland. They are an independent, outdoor sheep, strong-willed, vigorous and very hardy in harsh climates and rough pasture. The ewes show superior mothering instincts, deliver lambs easily and feature the longest lactation period of any of the more popular breeds.  The lambs are very spry at birth. 
Although only average in rate of gain, the carcass quality is very good, with high red meat content and above average percentage yield.  For all of these reasons, North Country Cheviot rams are often used in crossbreeding to pass on the maternal strengths of the breed and to improve carcass quality.  The breed is best suited to pasture systems where management is not intensive.

Mia purchased her first North Country Cheviot ewe from the All Canada Sheep Classic from Kyle Sequin.   With Mia's love for this breed and the numerous contacts she has made through her sheep ventures she has grown her breeding program exponentially acquiring amazing genetics from breeders in Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Mia knows what she likes and has been producing some top notch purebred cheviot lambs the last couple of years.


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